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RUN 8 train simulator 2014 PC Game
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Train Simulator PC Game Game
2013-08-19 01:10:20 GMT

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Per a request in the forums.  I have no idea what this is or how well it is.

Website here:

I can't even find a decent description of the game on their website.  Ugh		


Could you get a torrent of Doorways? Its a horror game.
anyone get this to work? not sure about this one, sets my av off multiple times as soon as i click on it , then says its installing sevenzip and some kind of downloader??
It may be screwed up. I didn't test it. I was just trying to help someone on the forums.

Download at your own risk.
how did you dare to upload something that you didn't tested? ¬¬

don't get this, all i got from this file is some (ovbiously) fake 7zip installations and a very

i noticed you got infected even not installing any of them, comodo detected some threats about something called lollipop in home folder

and there's no run 8 here, the bigger file is a _sys.lfo which is filled with null characters
I can also confirm that this torrent is spyware ridden junk. The included .exe attempts to install a variety of toolbars and malware, some of which it successfully installed in the background anyway before I terminated the process.
You can upload Needles Sub. Or the pack Amtrak?
caution! Dont download! It's trojan QVO6, you can google search to get more information about it. sorry for my bad english, I just trying to help everyone
dont click app "Run-setup.exe" it will install trojan which called QVO6 to you comp and change homepage, something else all your browser to stealing personal information. sorry for my bad Eng, I just try to help
This has been uploaded on August, 19 2013 but the official release date of Train Simulator 214 is September 26 2013.
Oh, ok ...
I just double checked it with my AV, no threat found, also if its up here, must not be fake right, The admins here chuck out fake torrents. What it appears is that the Run8 guys have created different profiles just to kill this torrent by creating doubts in the mind of the down-loaders. So here's my take- its fine, go for it. Also when I saw the amount of seeders and leachers, you know if this was a fake, this torrent would have been dead by now, as its a niche software, few railroad gamers are there. So have fun and seed, and to the skeptics and haters, don't bother fellas, it just reflects badly on you, and doesn't merit a reply. I usually don't comment but I had to here, because a good torrent would go dead, have fun :)
I CAN TESTIFY (not being affiliated with Run8 by any means) that THIS IS SPYWARE JUNK. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT RUN8. If this wee actually run 8 there would be a lot more torrents. This is the only "Run8" torrent. You have been WARNED.
paul_jk, I have run scans over this folder and individual files with Norton 360 and there were no threats detected, but this is definitely NOT a real file. If I could, I would report as fake. For the sake of your computer, don't download. If you don't trust me, go ahead. Break your PC. What do I care?